Believers' Baptism

In my experience baptisms are always a time of joy - we witness the joy of those being baptised, we feel the joy of God in His renewed deep relationship with them and for me there is also the joy of memory. The memory of my time in the waters of baptism. Every mature Christian will be able to tell you that you will still face tough days once you’ve been baptised, but you’ll face them with the strength and presence of a loving God with you. In tough and dark days it is good to cast our mind back to our own baptisms, remembering the close intimacy of God we experienced there, that our current circumstance might hide from us, but God is always with us. Also remembering the way that at baptism God placed a seal on us: he “will never leave or forsake us.” So, whatever your circumstances today, cast your mind back to your baptism and may the joy of the Lord be your strength and if you haven’t been baptised perhaps now is the time to think about it – come on in the waters lovely!

Rev Ian Pearce