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Pastor Ian

"We would love you to join us on Facebook for our live service

We are all missing each other and especially our time together on a Sunday morning. It will be great when we can join together for worship again, however at present COVID is still within the community and we must do all we can to avoid its spread and follow the guidelines set out for us.

Its not as simple as just giving the place a good clean and returning to normal, nor can we just practise social distancing and wear masks.

Here are just some of the areas that need to be considered:-  

It is advised that over 70’s should not attend services

People meet for just the service, no coffee or chat times.

No group singing.

Toilets need to be fitted with driers or paper towels.

Conflict between the church as a workplace and a worship space must be resolved.

These are but a few of the issues which the leadership are considering at the moment. The reality is that it may still be several weeks before we reopen the church building.

Meanwhile it has been great to see how the congregation have continued to maintain links, through phone calls, internet meetings and limited visits. God is good and we can reply on Him to continue to bless us.

Remember if you have any immediate concerns or worries do contact the leadership team, we are only too wiling to try to help

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